How can I order a Durgapur Cab Service?

1. Select the preferred Durgapur car rental service on the webpage to proceed with the desired fixed price, the entire day, or hourly rental service.

2. Select a pick of your choice as well set the destination furthermore the no. of hours you wish to travel with the type of transport medium of Durgapur cab service.

3. Next, you'll be transferred to the following expanded order form in which you can add a return route on the same page (If applicable).

4. Fill in your contact details like no. of passengers and other information we may ask. It is also possible that your driver may seek more information. You can fill out the same in the specified box field.

5. After you have submitted the details, drivers will contact you for the order you have placed and offer their prices.

    Frequently asked questions

  • Select with the accordance of the no. of hours and preferred means of transport with little information for the chauffeurs to identify you and the pickup location. Also, specifying the no of stops along the route, place, and time will give better insights to the Durgapur cab services drivers. The information, as mentioned earlier, is essential for you to find the best option for optimal satisfaction and lets us calculate the accurate calculation of the cost of the trip.


  • The exact time of arrival of the car after you have placed an order is 6 hours. It is to note that the more time left before the trip, the more offers you'll receive. Here you'll get a wide array of choice of prices and cars.

  • The drivers of Durgapur Cab Services will certainly offer their prices for your order. Also, check-ins through various waiting such as airport, gasoline, road tolls if applicable, or the destination route from point A to B. If you hire a car for an hourly rate, then at every 24 hours exceeding will emanates cost of meals and accommodation for the chauffeur.

  •  In case if the driver hasn't called, you to contact the driver using the order you just placed. The letter confirming the order has the details of the car you booked. If you still fail to connect with the driver, then please report about the situation to the Durgapur cab services team support. We'll help you figure out the exact cause of the condition. Or arrange a different cab at your disposal. If there are any mishaps, we'll return your money. The date of the refund is 5-7 days.

  • Durgapur Cab Services avails car services after they have submitted all the relevant details such as certificates, driving licenses, and insurance policies. Durgapur Cab Services is a trustworthy car rental service in Durgapur. Not only that, we give extra privileges to our esteemed customers to evaluate the driver’s performance. We provide a valuable time analyzing our customer feedback and only get ahead with those whose orders history is flawless.