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Cookie Policy

With the inclusion of cookie policy, we convey the best usage of cookies on the Durgapur Cab Service website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are usually containing small text files stored in the browser which contain a fragment of information on image files, known as pixels. Meanwhile, when you visit a particular site on the same device the cookies get successively transmitted to our website which is referred to as First Party Cookies from the 3rd party website which the cookie belongs.

In the way, the information passed to the users by means of cookies helps the website recognize earlier access to the websites through your web browser. Now, with the use, such information website like us will be able to design and display the website in a more proficient way to enhance the user interactions on our site.

In regard to the cookies that itself recognizes the devices. But your personal data will be retrieved if you provide us with your full-consent which will get stored in the cookies that will be further used to provide you with better and enhanced services from time to time.

Consent to the use of Cookies

Cookies are essentially not a mandatory service and can be completely avoided in our website. Nevertheless, your active enrolment is needed to accept the use of cookies in either manner, on our website that establishes the use of cookies in full course.

You can readily, customize the cookies settings through your browser or completely disable the activation of individual cookies categories.

You are allowed to disable the cookies permanently through your browser and visiting the last point of the privacy policy.

The cookies we set – Account related cookies

When you are signing up with us the cookies used by the management process and general management. Cookies usually get deleted after you have logged out of the account. But in some cases, they may remain with the browser so that it can help remember your site preferences when logged out.

Login Related Cookies

We use cookies only when a user is logged in our site so that our site can take a note of your visit. This helps you access our website, features such as quick booking without having to log in every single page you visit a new page. These cookies remain until they are removed or logged off. This restricts automatic sign-ins features.

Third-Party Cookies

In certain situations, the cookies are received from the 3rd party provider. The below section will elaborate the details of third-party cookies which you and others may encounter throughout the site.

Durgapur Cab Services is a serviced based website it’s quite evident to understand how these statistics like the number of users who are visiting our site or booking a car. Such data are tracked back by the cookies to evaluate the data in a sophisticated manner. This also means that we are able to predict the outcome from our business more precisely by monitoring the product & services we advertised across the different social platform so as to ascertain the best price for our customers.

We work with numerous partners for advertisement and affiliate tracking cookies which permits us to eavesdrop at our customer’s stats that they have come to our site through one of our partnered sites. It is done to ascertain proper credit to them suitably besides offer our affiliate partners provide with the bonus (if applicable).

We also include the social sharing button and plugins to this site which allows you to get connected with the major social platform in different ways. In order to work with the following social media sites,they will probably set cookies in accordance with their cookie policy throughout the site furthermore; they may keep the cookies for various other purposes in their respective privacy policies.

More Information on cookies used on our website

We think now most people have now got aclear idea about the Durgapur Cab Services Cookies Policy. If you are unsure about something that is written above then it is advised to keep the cookies enabled on your system. The Cookies Policy was actually created to help you and others get better experience throughoutthe website.

However, if you’re looking for something out of context you can contact us using the preferred contact methods Email, Enquiry & Phone.

What is the difference between a Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy on our website?

In our website, there are two separate pages – “Privacy Policy” & “Cookie Policy”. The Cookie Policy specifically deals with the cookies used on the website. We have already mentioned about – What are cookies? Why Cookies are used on the website?

Considering that a Privacy Policy resembles usual document regarding all data process on a website such as forms, mailing lists or so.

However, the Cookie Policy remains an integral part of the Privacy Policy for the majority of app and websites.

We review our Cookies Policy for all our third-party partners to make sure they imply a similar practice like ours. We never knowingly provide our consent to these third-parties services that would violate the customer/user privacy.

Keep in mind that the policies are revised and updated regularly so that you remain informed about the cookies used in the site.

We may use Banners “popups” on our website to promote and deals

Banners and Pop-ups that are used on our website informs about the cookies used in the sight. These banners are essentially crucial that ask for users consent to place cookies by including something such as “Clickable Element” or “Continue” to place a link which a user tracks as he continues to use the website.

Our Cookies Policy remains substantial for first-time users visiting our website so as to get them informed either some sort of information about the “Usage of Cookies on the site” or by linking with the Cookies Policy Page. Also, allow them to opt-in/opt-out of the cookies.

Durgapur Cab Services ensures that the cookies policy remains separate from the other policies or agreements. We have also mentioned the information on any 3rd party cookie usage policy through the website.