Safety Policy | Durgapur Cab Services


The Purpose of the Safety Policy ensures the safety of our customers and individuals who drive company cars. We understand the cost of each life but more importantly,the customer who useour Durgapur car rental service should know that we have the responsibility to ensure the passengers and carsis in safe stateto prevent any injuries or damages to the property.

Almost in all cases, we convey our concern to ensure proper checks before onboarding any passengers. As per stated motor vehicle regulations, it becomes the prime responsibility for the driver to perform all checks before leaving. Durgapur Cab Services expects each driver to drive cautiously and in a safe manner through prevailing safety rules.

Durgapur Cab Services safeguards customer interest and check with the vehicle driver to make sure that you aren’t held responsible for anything. We also ensure our selected cars are free from damages and our cars have travelled more than 25,000 miles and has been inspected before enlisting in our Cab Services in Durgapur.

We make sure that you get to familiarise yourself with the car. With everything set right our Cab Services in Durgapur are checked before dropping off to guest onboarding location. Security checks such Seat, mirrors, hazard lights, window control, windshield wipers, signals and the highlights are checked predominantly.

Durgapur Cab Services | Safety Policy – Driver Guidelines

Durgapur Cab Services do not ensure the driver driving the car while under the influence of intoxicants or not. However, if found guilty the driver will be straightway held for terminating the end of employment.

Durgapur Cab Services strictly had forbidden such practices to bring a cause for discipline while riding a car that ensure the safety of the passengers and the vehicle.

We assure the best quality service from Durgapur Cab Services. We ensure giving proper training to maintain a safe following distance at all times to our drivers. Our drivers yield the right side of the way at all traffic control signals.

However, we cannot guarantee the road accidents but of course; the safety Policy is an attempt to control the frequency of the accidents. Although we only hire safe drivers and choose when the driver is able and pass the critical responsibilities or the duties of the job.

We have enlisted a few criteria’s while choosing safe drivers for our Durgapur Cab Services. We want you to be assured of non-discrepancies of hiring drivers. In most situation, our drivers go through different licencing for the type and the class of vehicle as well as they have to submit physical health report from time to time to get approved from us.