Cancellation Policy | Durgapurcabservices

Durgapur Cab Services promises to help customers as far as possible and thus enforces a complete liberal cancellation policy.

The customer understands the need for refund and cancellations henceforth, the aforesaid request is processed when received only before the 24 hours of scheduled pick up.

The cancellations can be easily done over the phone and email. All cancellation will be made against the prevailing booking ID, provided during the booking a cab.

No cancellation will be ascertained in special cases from Durgapur Cab Services on the occasions like Dussehra, Pongal, Diwali, and New Year.

Durgapur Cab Services will not be held responsible for the delay caused or any other “Act of God” for example natural calamity, strikes – Road jam/traffic. Hence, we have no control under these situations hence cancellations or refunds will not be processed.

The customer recognized and comprehends the fact that no cancellations will be processed if the request for cancellation not received in less than 24 hours of scheduled pickup.

Durgapur Cab Services may change driver and Taxi before boarding the taxi without informing the customer only when there is a case of vehicle breakdown or other reason such as driver unavailability. There shall not be any cancellation request accepted.

Durgapur Cab Services reserves full rights to change, cancel an existing booking by the customer at any point of time.

Durgapur Cab Services Cancellation Terms:

Taxi Services in Durgapur from Durgapur Cab Services insists the customer pay the toll tax directly or cash handover to the driver mainly not included in the outstation or one-way booking.

If the fare for the booking seems to be non-returnable under the prevailing law, there shall not be any refund if the booking is cancelled.

Also, during the boarding, a standard waiting charge of Re2/- in every 15 minutes will be charged for waiting. Therefore, these charges should be paid directly paid to the driver.

In one way, the taxi driver under the Durgapur Cab Services will stop the car for more than 30 minutes during the journey.

Under the existing Durgapur Cab Services cancellation terms, the driver will leave the guest at the destination and shall inform about the destination drop prior to boarding the car. Once the journey commences the taxi driver will not put the halt in between except for the tea and the launch break which may last for a few minutes to 1 hour However this is only applicable when the journey is one-way.

Durgapur Cab Services Outstation Travel Cancellation Terms

Outstation travel cancellation terms levy when customers make outstation round trips they need to pay certain trip duty charges such as Min of 250 kilometres per day during an outstation journey. However, the charges are made in a pro data basis and fully applicable in Durgapur Cab Services website.

Durgapur Cab Services, the Car Service in Durgapur summarizes a calendar day that starts with 6.00AM and endsat 12.00 AM. If it happens to be after 12 passed additional charges may levy unless specified in the stated outstation package.

During this time, precisely between 10Pm-6Am the charges would be double than the normal for the driver. Thus, no receipt will be provided for the aforesaid state of the charges.

Durgapur Cab Services Refund Policy:

Refunds & Cancellations are only applicable if you’re eligible and the case falls under the said policy above then, surely the policies are remitted back to you. In case of the non-returned money or any other issue pertaining to cancellation please write to Durgapur Cab Services.