Terms & Conditions (Dcscabs)


  1. Our website offers services as business referred on our webpage. In such a situation, the business is referred to as then “We or Our”.
  2. Our site uses specific (terms of use) in order to continue all our business operations. In case you do not abide by our Terms of use please refrain using our site straightaway. As per the conditions stated if you continue to use our site, this means you board complete acceptance and put up with these Terms & Conditions of use. This further establishes a fair agreement between you and us can be only be modified upon mutual approval. The Terms & Conditions and other details on our site go adjacent with other material on the site, especially how ourSite operates and other business operations including the Privacy & Cookies Policy and Trading Terms.
  3. We procure full permission on how these terms of use can be modified in time interval without prior notice to our users.
  1. Accessing Our Site
    1. We cannot ensure of the site remain live without any disruptions or error-free. You must not perform any attempt to disrupt the working nature of the website specifically you shouldn’t perform any unkind behaviour with the security, hack or engage in similar activities such by any means.
    2. You are fully responsible for providing us with the required data to collect all relevant data essential for our site to operate and use in our site. You should also understand that our site belongs to “US” but still we can’t guarantee about the content used in our site is free from infection, viruses, and other codes which may harm your computer. You’re responsible for taking up adequate measure such anti-virus and other security checks before providing any data to us. In mere circumstances, if you feel satisfied with the reliability after the security checks you can provide uswith details.
    3. Once in a while, we may block access to certain features on the site for the users who have registered with us. If you are given the privilege to obtain some identification code, password or any other information. Consider such procedures as confidential and never disclose to any other parties. We have the authority to immobilize any user identification code or password either given to you or chosen by you. During any time if you fail to follow our terms and conditions strictly we may end the user agreement any time.
    4. We earlier express of our full choice of withdrawing, suspending or carrying any modifications of the site or any of the features without the prior notice to the end-user. At time certain features or some parts of our website may remain unavailable on schedule or unscheduled basis. In this situation, we are not responsible or liable to you or others in any manner. All modification, alterations, suspensions on our site areprocured through collective decision making by “US”.

3. Using our Site

3.1 You must see the website and the information posted responsibly. No such information should be used in correlation to unlawful, immoral or anti-social purposes in any manner.

3.2 You shouldn’t use our site:

a. For wrongful purpose

b. To send unsolicited method

c. To destroy, harm, annoy another person by infringing one’s privacy through offensive behaviour or deviate our customers and suppliers through other means.

d. It is incorrect to amend, alter, create someone’s databases, records, directories and mailing lists or customer lists.

e. It is strictly said not to tamper, update or alter any part of our site in a way seem fun to you.

f. Not in a way that affects the working state of the website.

g. In some ways when your actions put unreasonably create loads on our supplier’s communications and technical systems.

h. With any means, you shouldn’t monitor or copy content from our site. Any negative interference or attempt to break the site would results in an offence under the prevailing law of government.

4 Intellectual Property Rights

4.1 Content posted on our site does not relentlessly contain only text, software, photograph, and graphics but protected against any copyright. We ore our licensors and possess complete databases rights in accordance with the selection, arrangement, and enhancement of the content as per the original content.

Excluding only if not mentioned in Terms & Conditions contrast to this nothing can give you the explicit rights where you shouldn’t copy, reproduce, modify, publish, transmit or participate in the transfer or sale or make attempt to spoil our reputation, trademarks, logo or other proprietary and content of our site in whole or as in part. 

5. If you provide content for our Site

5.1 When you provide us with content/material such as reviews, comments, article or any other based or some other content based on video format. You allow us the permission to use the material provided by you on free of charge, to use the user content in any media worldwide for our own marketing research, business research and marketing activities which may provide users with third-party partners’ service providers, social media and networking sites.

5.2 Content used on our site belongs to us and we have the privilege to use it in any way you choose.

5.3 By submitting any User Content to our site depicts such User Content may:

a. Is the original work of the author and have provided the consent to use it on our site. Further, you allowed us to use in the purposes of these terms of use.

b. Will not destroy harm or create any defamatory attempt that can spoil our online reputation and anything that can seriously damage which cause serious offence to us or our business partners.

c. It shouldn’t interfere with other person’s privacy rights, contract rights or so

d. It shouldn’t contain any malicious software, codes that may damage, interfere with the site and might bring adverse effects to the normal state of the website.

e. If our site is used to promote your own business or services mainly the particular business expressly shouldn’t contain any form of mass-mailing or spam.

5.4 If you do not wish to allow us the above permission then, please do not provide any content/material to our site.

5.5 We are not responsible for your content. Whatsoever the content on our site may not remain forever also know that we have full rights and access to delete or modify any material on our site.

5.6 If it appears that any content on our site doesn’t comply with the requirements said in any paragraphs, structure. Mention about the same instantly to us. We review the user content occasionally to see if it’s appropriate and if not removed immediately.


Pictures of products are sent to customers by means of mailers, advertisers as on our website and these representations only meant to find an actual resemblance to actual services.

Services offered through this website are subject to the liability of the specific service providers. In no way,dcscabs can be held responsible especially in specific geographic locations where no circumstances dcscabs shall be held accountable for any of the services.

dcscabs in its own discrete refuses or withdraw the prevailing offer at any time during the running deals without confirming any reason without any prior notice to you. With this website, it is possible for you to link with other website which may or may not under the control of dcscabs and neither endorse nor recommend in the view expressed within them.